world leader in solar PV

Sharp is a world leader in Solar Photovoltaic and enjoys an unmatched history of fifty golden years in this industry.

Whether for satellites, lighthouses, public buildings or private homes - Sharp has supplied more solar power modules than any other manufacturer in the world. Since the year 2000 Sharp has been the global leader in the manufacture of solar cells and modules.



Solar PV Basics

The Science To Unlock The Power Of The Sun

Solar Power Generation Systems begin with the solar module. Solar modules capture solar energy and generate direct current (DC) electricity. Inverters (power conditioners) convert DC into AC (alternating current) to run many common appliances and equipment.


Solar PV Product Range

The Economical and Ecological Choice

Sharp's solar modules offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design. They boast a high conversion efficiency - the percentage of sunlight that is converted into energy for your use - to maximize your savings.


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